RotaDip Units 旋转除金锡锅

Dross Free Soldering 无氧化搪锡除金处理

The RotaDip uses a unique way of removing 'dross' or oxides that build up on the surface of a static solder pot or bath, to provide a virgin surface of solder for component parts to be dip tinned.

RotaDip 旋转锡锅采用独特的旋转控制,连续刮除锡锅表面氧化层,提供一个洁净无氧化的静态锡锅表面,专业针对于航空、航天、军工电子等高可靠焊接要求的浸锡、搪锡、 器件引脚除金处理 等应用,消除焊锡氧化物杂质,确保器件引脚除金和镀锡稳定、可靠。


The 'RotaDip' is a circular, temperature controlled, solder pot that rotates against a fixed dross removal blade which removes dross from the solder surface and deposits it in an outer annular tray from where it is automatically swept into an exit chute. This leaves a virgin solder surface for dross free dipping.The standard
units operate up to 420°C. High temperature units operate at up to 550°C.

RotaDip 设计为圆形的可控温度的旋转锡锅, 最高温度为420°C和550°C 可选,内置一套固定式刮刀,持续刮出锡锅表面氧化层,提供一个可控温度的洁净焊锡表面,确保焊接和搪锡可靠安全,同时将锡渣移除到外围锡

In addition to the established fixed speed, Optional Speed RotaDips allowing various rotation speeds from 0 to 22 rpm to suit a wide range of applications. This feature allows the speed of rotation to be altered to suit the cycle time, when the RotaDips are incorporated as a soldering station as part of a semi or fully automatic machine.


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Hot Plates  温控加热平台

SEBA hotplates are robustly constructed with ground mild steel top plates, enamel painted steel housings and ceramic fibre insulation. All hotplates are fitted with thermostat, switch indicator lamp and various voltages, 220/240v standard. They are supplied as round or square and can be fitted with an optional gutter.

SEBA  温控加热平台 采用接地的厚重钢板作为加热台面,采用带陶瓷隔离层金属支撑和陶瓷纤维绝缘材料,确保
加热平台可靠安全,配置温度调节装置,最高温度可达 450℃,并可提供多种方形或圆形台面。

Specification  规格型号:


SEBA heated tables range from sheet steel (mild or stainless) top to round steel plate surfaces of sizes to suit applications, constructed from enamel painted mild steel and tube and sheet with top as required and fitted with electric strip heaters, insulation nickel cable wiring, variable thermostat or electronic temperature control and all necessary control equipment.

SEBA 可提供定制的 大尺寸温控加热平台 ,并可按用户要求添加辅助控制,满足用户大工件加热需要。