Laser Wire Solutions’ Gemini-2X laser shield cutters are an excellent tool for any precision shield cutting .
Gemini-2 激光屏蔽层切剥系统是微同轴电缆屏蔽层精密切割和剥头的理想设备

\Technology  技术原理:

Featuring fiber laser technology, the Gemini strippers vaporize a small volume of shield material cleanly and precisely. For most polymer insulation the laser light harmlessly reflects from it. For more susceptible dielectrics, apply solder to the shield and partially cut through the shield to allow it to be snapped.


Applications  应用:

The Gemini system is ideally suited for the following key

- aluminized mylar foil. Often difficult and slow to cut me-
chanically. The laser scores right through the aluminium
and along it to allow it to be peeled off


- micro-coax shields. When coax is under 40 AWG, or the coax is ribbonized - mechanical stripping is not an option. The Gemini can scribe a tinned shield to allow it to be accurately snapped. For some cable constructions it is possible to directly cut the shield without damaging the underlying dielectric.


Features & Benefits  性能特点和优势:

Versatile: mylar –aluminium foil shield cutting, direct micro-coax shield cutting, soldered shield scribing


Reliable: off-the-shelf integrated motion stages, sealed German manufactured lasers and optics. USA off-the-shelf control system.


Fast: Up to 250 mm per second stripping stage speed for working with the thinnest cables


Compact: 620 x 720 mm footprint

结构紧凑:620 x 720 mm 占地面积

Precise: +/- 0.1 mm repeatability for the best quality every time

精细剥头:重复定位精度达到+/- 0.1 mm

Lowest cost of ownership: No laser or machine wear parts. Spare parts available direct from OEM vendor.


We serve the global market, both directly and through local agents. All of our products comply with the latest US and European safety standards


Laser Wire Solutions is a leading provider of laser stripping solutions for the highest quality medical, defence and aerospace interconnects. We can support you with proof of principle samples, contract manufacturing services or machine supply, including customization. Check out our website for more information.

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